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If you want to change the world, one experience at a time, then may be a good job fit for you.

We look for friendly and thoughtful folks with a passion for creating great experiences. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to think critically, work independently, and desire support a user-centered organization. You must like to work hard and have fun.

Jobs has a limited number of non-UX positions. Openings are those typically involved in the running of a small training business: customer service, instructional design, travel coordinator, etc. Those with an interest in technology, design thinking, and human experiences are preferred.

UX trained professionals are encouraged to apply for non-UX positions.

Internships offers a small number of short-term paid internships to highly qualified UX apprentices. These positions are designed to give interns broad-based experience as UX professionals inside a company. Candidates must hold at least a bachelor's degree and, preferably, have graduate-level course work in user experience, applied cognitive psychology, human factors, or a related field. Internships are paid and designed to be a stepping stone into the UX field.

What We Offer

  • Since we opened our doors in 2009, we've worked remotely! That allows us to attract the best talent and for them to have the best work/life balance. (Plus it means Angela gets to hang out with her dog all day, an arrangement both of them prefer. Do you have a dog?)
  • Office hours are somewhat flexible. We have a daily stand-up everyone is required to attend.
  • We encourage work/life balance. That doesn't mean we won't buckle down and work hard (and extra hours) to meet a deadline, of course. But we're working parents too, so we know about school plays, unexpected illnesses, and just needing a day to get it back together at home so we can resume being productive at work.
  • We value quality over quantity and a job well done. Expect your work hours to be highly productive, but not excessive.
  • Last, but not least, we offer a lot of hands-on experience. We're a small company, so you'll spend a lot of time doing the work and not a lot of time in meetings. Sweet!

How to Apply

Please use the interest form to tell us a bit more about yourself. If we've got an opening, we'll shoot you an email if you might be a good fit. Please, no emails or phone calls.

We love recruiters - HUGS to you for all the hard work you do - but please no solicitations. (Seriously.) (Yes, we're absolutely sure.)

Current Openings

  • UX Internship
  • Success Manager
  • Instructional Design Coordinator
  • Content Writer

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