Bring UX Training to Your Team

Any of our UX Training Courses can be brought in-house and customized* to meet your organization's needs. Why choose an in-house program?

  • Get everyone on your team in alignment, using the same set of tools and processes.
  • Have an open discussion of your challenges and unique organizational needs in a confidential environment.
  • Create a culture of UX at your organization with on-going training.
  • Cost effective for teams of 8+ through reduced travel & training costs per participant.
  • Starting at $7500 USD per day* for unlimited attendees with online access to course materials.

*Additional fees for customization & travel may apply.

What People Say

I was super impressed at [Angela's] adaptability to our slightly different situation! That's usually my complaint for outside classes but that was not a problem here. Very helpful, *very personalized* and thorough content.

Thanks again on behalf of my team for the exceptional insights you provided during the class. The content of the presentation was extremely useful! Angela was engaging and presented the material clearly and succinctly.

In-House Training Courses

Design Thinking

Think like a designer. Innovate like a boss.

User Experience Research Methods

Gather unbiased user experience data. Not #alternativefacts.

UX Personas (That Don't Suck)

Most personas are utterly useless. But not yours!

Journey Mapping

Go with the flow. Map it all out.

UX Strategy

Achievement Unlocked: Competitive advantage thru product/service design innovation.

Managing UX Teams

Hire. Inspire. Coach. Easy peasy, right?

Managing UX Projects

Deliver results. On time & on budget. Bam!

User Experience Leadership

Lead with vision. Understand yourself and your environment.

Brain Research & UX

Keep the mind in mind. All that psychology stuff is for real, y'all.

Critical Thinking

Coming in 2017. (After we finish 1984.)