YouX™ Competency Model

Identify and develop the right UX professionals your organization needs.

Our research-based competency model defines 28 dimensions of knowledge, skills, and attitudes grouped into 6 Areas of UX Expertise necessary for user experience professionals to succeed.

YouX™ for Teams provides a framework for UX teams to identify their organizational UX maturity. Our research-based model:

  • defines the latest competencies needed for success as a UX organization;
  • allows individual contributors and UX managers to track progress of individual development plans;
  • identifies critical skills gaps and ways to close them - individually and as a group;
  • delivers reporting that eliminates coaching guesswork; and
  • provides a team development roadmap - including who you should hire next - based on group gaps in experience and knowledge.

YouX™ for Teams will accurately gauge where your team members are in their careers, individually and as a group, providing a snapshot of where everyone is and a strategic framework future growth.

YouX™ for Teams helps you develop a mature UX organization.

"We've been slowly putting together our UX organization for the past several years, but never really knew what was missing. Now I know exactly the type of candidate I need to hire next."

"All I did is send out a link to the whole team asking them to complete the asessment. Next thing I know, BAM! I've got a rollup with all the information on my people. Sweet!"

"This is exactly what I need to justify my request for additional headcount."

"Proving feedback to my UX team seemed arbitrary and subjective until now. This is a gamechanger - now I have quantifiable data on group and individual performance I can track over time. That makes my job easier."