YouX™ Competency Model

YouX™: Your Path to Career Mastery

Identify & fill the gaps in your skills; Make crucial career decisions.

Our research-based model defines 28 dimensions of knowledge, skills, and attitudes grouped into 6 Areas of UX Expertise necessary for user experience professionals to succeed.

That means YouX™ will accurately gauge where you are in your career and provide a strategic framework future growth.

YouX™ emphasizes:

  • Foundational competencies important to all user experience professionals, as well as
  • Specialized competency areas that are the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required for each UX career path.

YouX™ also provides a framework for UX practitioners to choose their UX career journeymap. This research-based model:

  • defines the latest competencies needed for success across the entire UX profession;
  • identifies critical skills gaps and ways to close them; and
  • provides a professional development roadmap for practitioners, their managers, and industry leaders.

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Your personalized YouX™ journey begins by taking the YouX™ Skills Assessment.

“This is the most thorough assessment I’ve taken. I sat down with a glass of wine and 20 minutes later, I had a clear career path. And it was my favorite price - free.”

"I'm just starting out in UX. It's nice to get a sense of what I'll need to know in order to work in the profession. I had no idea where to even begin before this."

“I'm comfortable with Journeyman [Jedi Knight], but I'm trying to achieve rank of Master [Jedi Master] next. I am trying to decide what's next for me after that. I’ve thought about Product Manager or UX Manager. Not sure actually so this is very accurate!”

"My current salary is $120k, which I know is on the low-mid range for my title (senior ux manager.) I'm about $10K off to just hit the medium range. I think (hope) I'm about 6 months off from a Director role, which would be even more. So that salary information is helpful."

Putting your YouX™ Results to Work

The result, your personalized YouX™ Skills Report includes:

  • information about your current career stage as well as next steps to progress in your career;
  • your UX competency areas of strength and 28 dimension competency area breakdown; and
  • salary comparison.

Your next steps:

  • UX Practitioners - Create a personalized learning plan to achieve your career objectives.
  • Managers & Leaders - Identify and develop the right UX professionals for your organization needs. Learn more about YouX™ for Teams.

Get your FREE YouX™ Report.

YouX™ Individual Sample Report